Welcome to Second Outing

We’re the founders, James and Gavin, two lifelong friends passionate about fashion and improving sustainability within the industry. After beginning work on the project back in Jan 2020, we are excited to be bringing you the U.K.’s first peer-to-peer rental platform for menswear!

After seeing the success of womenswear rental platforms, we couldn’t believe there was no one offering this kind of exciting, circular fashion alternative for people like ourselves… Enter Second Outing.

Our vision is to provide a competitive solution to the overconsumption of throwaway fast fashion, by making designer menswear more accessible. Rent designer items or buy throwaway for the same price? We know which we’d choose.

Unlike greenwashed messages from fast fashion brands, fashion rental is a genuinely more sustainable way to consume clothing because it uses a circular economy model that keeps resources in use for as long as possible. 

The most sustainable way to consume is to utilise what is already in our wardrobes. According to Fashion Revolution, if we extend the lifespan of our clothing by a further 9 months, we can reduce the carbon, waste and water footprints by between 20-30%. In the U.K. we send £140m of clothes to landfill every year, so it’s clear we need to challenge this throwaway attitude towards fashion because looking good shouldn’t cost the Earth.

We see designer clothing as an investment, due to the lasting quality that comes with the price tag. As a user, you will be able to monetise your wardrobe by lending, and experience premium menswear for a fraction of the RRP by renting from other users. Placing emphasis on our trusted community, we can open up the potential of an infinite wardrobe that offers a wealth of options across all sizes and styles.


The rental revolution is just beginning; now is your chance to pave the way.